“When You Don’t Shame, You Gain!!” 7 Foods Men Must Include In The Diet To Avoid Premature Ejaculation!!!


What is a premature ejaculation?

It is a sexual health issue when a man reaches his orgasm quickly during the intercourse. And this is happening with around one-third men around the world.

Many factors are participating in this problem, which includes depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and work stress. Even those who smoke a lot and consume alcohol at a higher rate face this problem. This is due to the chemical imbalance created in the brain, which is the center of all the functions. But the impact on both men and his partner is negative as a whole, physically as well as psychologically.

Here we are telling you some food that you must include in your diet to stay free from this problem.


Filled with protein and Vitamin D, they are proven to boost your sex drive and it has also been proven beneficial for healthy intercourse. Doctors also say, having 2 eggs every day improves testosterone level in males, curing problem o premature ejaculation.



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