Do You Know What Are The Possible Punishments For Drunk Driving? Here Are 5 Punishment That You Must Be Aware Of!


Driving under the influence of alcohol can lead you to various places which could prove even fatal sometime, hence must be avoided. But still, if you are confident enough to handle yourself in case of drunk driving and then caught by sirens of Police, we would like to aware you for possible punishments you may have to face.

Before that, punishment and penalties are not same all over the country and vary according to state. But let us explain to you a basic set of laws and penalty for their defiance.

For measuring the amount of consumption, Blood Alcohol Concentration(BAC) is checked. It is measured by a breathalyzer or blood sample. The more you consume, the higher would level be. For example, a BAC of .08, the US legal limit for driving for those over 21, means you have .08 grams of alcohol in every 100ml of blood.

The penalties include:

5License suspension

You need to know that your license will be canceled definitely if you are caught Driving under the influence(DUI). This could be done either by court or mandate of the state motor vehicle department. In some states, you may be allowed for a hearing before automatic cancellation.



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