Have You Been Gaining Weight At Work? Here Are 5 Reasons Why


Most jobs these days require you to sit all day in front of a desk, unfortunately. It may a great job and you are probably earning a lot of money, but your body is not being happy being tied down to a chair for 8 hours or more. It is technically the worst thing ever!

Let’s not talk about all the negatives effects of sitting all day, and let’s discuss your chances of gaining weight. A few extra pounds could be desirable for some people, but to gain them this way is not healthy at all, which will cause many dangerous issues in the future.

The weird part is not only the sitting that is making you bigger, but there are so many other factors.


Eating when you are full

There are many reasons that could easily make you break your diet at work, not that you have to follow a diet, but eating when you are full is basically bad, especially if it is the birthday of a co-worker or your friend’s homemade cookies that you obviously can’t say no to.

You may not notice how these few snacks can affect your weight. But only a couple of weeks later is when you will definitely see the extra inches on your waist. Just remember that it is okay to say no politely when a coworker offers you a snack that has many calories in its insides.



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