9 Unknown Tips To Groom Your DOG!


Knowing how to properly groom your dogs at home is part of being a dog owner. If you are worried that you are not up to the task, let me tell you this – learning how to groom a dog is not rocket science, anyone willing to invest a bit of time, patience and go through a proper dog grooming training will be able to do it.

A good first step is to work with the dog in a manner that calms them before you start grooming. This reassures the dog before you start. This is also something that is good to do throughout the grooming process. If you are kind and calm, the dog will enjoy the process much more than if you get excited.

9Gather all your dog grooming tools

Gather the supplies previously mentioned and prepare the work area before bringing the dog to the grooming area. Make sure you place all the grooming tools you need within reachable distance from where you groom your dog. In this case, you won’t need to be going around and about the house taking your tools in the midst of grooming.



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