8 Standout Costumes for Your Halloween Work Party You Shouldn’t Miss!


Need the perfect Halloween costume to wear to work this year? These tech-inspired costume ideas will be a hit.

This year, Halloween falls on a workday. Celebrating Halloween at work can be tricky. It’s often a challenge to zero in on a costume that is work-appropriate, doesn’t command hours to pull together, and doesn’t break the bank. Many of us painstakingly deliberate whether or not to overtly participate in the festivities at all.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to don a costume next Tuesday. Celebrating Halloween at work doesn’t need to be scary. A carefully chosen Halloween costume can be a terrific way to get noticed by your colleagues and superiors, without succumbing to overbearing self-promotion Who knows, the added recognition may even lay the seeds for a promotion.

The trick to tackling Halloween at work is to select a costume that is creative, unique and drives onlookers to stop and think. Forget witches and goblins. And please ladies, shelve the bunny ears.

Here are eight tech-inspired Halloween costumes that you can pull together in mere minutes:

8 An Apple Watch

From its store design to its products, simplicity is embedded in Apple’s DNA. The same is true for this costume. Grab some scotch tape and a bright red apple — the edible type. Tape the apple to your wrist. Ta-da, you have yourself an Apple Watch that won’t break the bank.



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