5 Important Tips A Women Must Keep In Mind To Climb Corporate Ladder!!


Women constitute around 45% of the labour force in the country, according to a recent survey. But do you know, women CEO’s constitute only around 4.6%. Yes, it is tough to get promoted at times and reach the top of the ladder, especially for women due to many reasons. In fact, the list of new managers to be appointed has only very few names of women. That’s not great!!

If you are an ambitious woman and looking to rise high up in the sky, follow some simple rules in your office.

5Build Yourself Up

Having a high expectation is a good idea. But keeping that spirit for a long time is really typical at times. You have to build your good name and reputation from the very first day at your workplace. If you have constructive ideas to add up, speak them up in meetings, show your active side. Make recommendations. Be that someone who delivers quality work and become an expert in your area.



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