10 Weird Types Of Yoga You Never Knew Existed


Most of you are familiar with yoga and know it to be an ancient Eastern practice beneficial for both body and soul. It incorporates various static poses (asanas), dynamic exercises, special breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation. Yet, as it often happens, people get bored with healthy things and try to turn them into something more fun. In the end we’ve got some pretty unexpected and unusual types of yoga you might (or might not) want to stay away from. Here are 10 weird types of yoga you never knew existed.

1Rave Yoga

If you’re a fan of the club scene but want to do it in a healthier way, then rave yoga is exactly what you need. The session starts with the usual yoga goodies like breathing techniques and stretching, but then slowly turns into a party with club music, dancing, vegetarian cuisine, and non-alcoholic drinks. We don’t know whether it’s a good mix, but it sure does look vibrant!



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