10 Reasons to Visit Oman This Holiday Season


Looking for a memorable holiday with the family? Here’s something that might excite you. Located about three hours away from India lies a quaint, unexplored and beautiful destination in the Middle East called Oman. Known for its stunning landscape dotted with rippling dunes, ornate mosques, beefy forts, bustling souqs, succulent dates, sun-kissed beaches, age-old traditions, beautiful wadis and incredible hospitality, Oman now appears on every traveller’s list.

We handpick 10 reasons why Oman is simply irresistible this holiday season

1Soak in the rich art and culture

Al Alam Palace.jpg

Home to more than 500 forts stretched across the beautiful coastline of Oman, these beautiful pieces of architecture are one of the prime reasons that attract a huge number of tourists to Oman every year. Don’t forget to walk up to the gates of the Sultan’s ceremonial ‘Al Alam Palace’ built in the year 1972. The stunning gold-leaf and turquoise mosaic facade behind the black gates make for a spectacular view. You could also get an insight into the Omani life by visiting the Bait Al Zubair Museum, located in a beautifully restored house. The museum is home to a fascinating collection of daggers, antique silver jewellery, incense burners, coins, rifles and interesting attires worn by men and women. Al Alam Palace



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